Changes to the Split command

I have made some changes to the Split command for V7. I’d like to know what you think. The change is in todays WIP release.

The changes involve splitting surfaces with curves.

  1. If the splitting curve partially overlaps a surface this overlapping section is used to split the surface. see RH-4996. RH-4996.Split fails to pull(v5).3dm (56.9 KB)

  2. When multiple surfaces are selected to be split, the cutting curves are assigned to surfaces that they partially overlap. If a curve is not assigned to any surface it may be extruded to make a cutter to apply to each surface to be split. See RH-55574 and RH-46534.
    RH-55574.MultiSplitTest.3dm (539.5 KB)
    RH-46534.split-test (v6).3dm (528.3 KB)