Split Refit


I was using the very handy ‘TestSplitRefit’ tool in Rhino WIP which I cannot locate now in the latest build… Work In Progress (7.0.20064.14095, 04/03/2020).

This tool automatically rebuilt surfaces when trimming them to be untrimmed.

I’ve been relying on this great function!

Please help!


Not sure what happened to the command, but what you could do as an alternative is _Split followed by _TestTrimRefit

Hi All - these commands are in a bit of churn at the moment - I see that one is missing in action, I’ve asked the developer if there is a replacement - it should come back in some form as a real command.


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Thanks! This tool has become very useful. Please bring it back!

It really helps with a single-span modelling workflow.

Hi Sach - yep, sorry, this was a goof-up - testSplitRefit should reappear in next week’s build as a test command while the real one gets more work…

FYI - Yesterday I attempted to use the testTrimRefit command which I have had on a custom button for months and I was disappointed to find that it no longer worked. I tried typing testRefitTrim instead, and it did work, although some of the options seem to have changed.

I also want to let Pascal know that the hand-full of “test” tools that you posted several months ago, as well as the ExtendEdge script you made have all been very useful to me. I hope they all have a future in V7.

Cheers - it is very useful, for us, to know that these tools are useful to y’all. Many if not all of the surfacing test commands that I mentioned in that post should make it into v7 in some form.


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