Changes to GhPython UI

Continuing the discussion from Rhino 6 WIP, Grasshopper, Python does not load os module:

We added and modified slightly the user interface of GhPython in RhinoWIP.

@AndersDeleuran mentions:

  1. I don’t quite understand what the new features do (i.e. why are they there)? So I need enlightenment :slight_smile:
  1. The new GHPython component appears to be slightly slower at outputting stuff to the console (just by a little, but it’s enough that I notice and that it bothers me). Might be wrong though, haven’t used it enough yet. Will definitely get back to you on this.
  1. The ability to copy text from the output window (see above).
  1. I just find it all a bit clunky and too big. As in, it’s simply not as sleek and minimal as the old version. It takes up quite a bit more screen real estate (i.e. I literally have to make the new GHPython window bigger than I’d like to, to view the same amount of information as with the old one.).

Those are my immediate gripes, but also remember that I’m an old conservative fart that likes totally minimal IDE’s and generally find GUI chrome and bloat totally annoying :wink:

Cheers Giulio, didn’t mean to derail the other thread.

No problems Anders, I just wanted to come back with as much info as possible, as well as some improvements :slight_smile:

Here I am trying to show as many errors and warnings as possible…

  1. There are several new features, including component compilation, a rewritten ghpythonlib and, on the User Interface side, a new method that gathers print(), warnings and errors as they happen, remembers their position in the Grasshopper execution of the “tree”, and shows the position of the repetition of your script. Sometimes, it’s required that your script runs several times in order to complete. This is taken into account, and the repetition in which the error happens is shown.

  2. It might be, very slightly. This should only happen if the editor is open. This is because it does more, as it records each incremental iteration.

  3. This is being worked on :slight_smile: See the picture above.

  4. You might not like the absence of the “OK” and “Test” buttons. I need to think about those. Regarding the rest, it should really take the same space – what was taken by buttons is now taken by the switch bar. This way you can move between printouts and documentation. Earlier, each autocompletion would obliterate all prints.

Btw, I got rid of the “Element” column, which was useless!