Change viewport title background color


Anyone knows if it’s possible change the viewport title background and letters color in Rhinocommon? (for focused and non focused)

Thank you and regards.


Thanks FilmDesigner but I would like to do it in Rhinocommon, programming

Thanks and best regards.

Hi Henry,

You can access it through the command line. This is python, you can replicate it in c# by calling the Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript method:

import Rhino

commandString = "_-Options Appearance Colors General ActiveViewportTitle=255,0,0 Enter Enter Enter"
#commandString = "_-Options Appearance Colors General InactiveViewportTitle=0,255,0 Enter Enter Enter"
#commandString = "_-Options Appearance Colors General WindowText=0,0,255 Enter Enter Enter"

echo = True
success = Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript(commandString, echo)
print "success: ", success

Have in mind that changing the viewport title text color will change the color of the overall text labels all around Rhino.