Change the starting section of a Sweep2 for a dome

Hi all, I am working on a parametric stage and I am currently struggling adjusting some elements of a dome. With the help of the community, we developed the following iteration of the model.

Initially, the sweep was done from a curve located in Z=0 to resemble a crystal dome. However, I would like to “remove” the first row of “crystals”, meaning that the sweep would start from the next curve.

I am unexperienced when it comes to Grasshopper, and it seems I do not completely understand how the Sweep2 command works, because when I try to do it, the result is something like this

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time and support.
Dome (53.9 KB)


Here are two solutions but at this point you might consider cleaning this definition. Changing the base curve of a sweep at this point of design is not a small modification.

My preference would go to the cyan group - keep the base surface as is, and only split it by the curve. I’ve built segments of the interpolated curve and projected them on each base sweep.

I would also suggest to cut this shape by a horionzal plane and not a random curve like this (dark blue group).


Other solution is the green group, I split the rails and the interpolated curve at the points and build a new sweep from there.


Take what you like !

Dome (68.4 KB)

Awesome! That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you four your time and dedication writing the response, I really appreciate it!

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