Pipe Variable for multiple lines

I didn’t even notice the massive amount of code (and hidden wires!) you have off to the left side of the canvas, and without your plugins, I’m probably missing some things. But I see it this way:

Dome tentacle_2023Mar20b.gh (41.0 KB)

P.S. This is better using BiArc so the tentacles are horizontal at the top. We did something very similar to this recently on this forum.

Dome tentacle_2023Mar20c.gh (42.9 KB)

Oh yes, here it is, barely two weeks ago:

P.P.S. Or with the BiArc curves flipped. (constructed swapping ends)

Dome tentacle_2023Mar20d.gh (43.5 KB)

That was silly, I could have just flipped the curves going to the Pipe Variable group.

Dome tentacle_2023Mar20e.gh (43.9 KB)