Change the Rhino absolute tolerance with Grasshopper Python

Is it possible to set (change) the Rhino absolute tolerance from Grasshopper with a python program?

Hi @Schell,

Why do you want to do this - especially from Grasshopper?

This value us generally set when you start a new document and then never modified.

What problem is solved by changing this value?

– Dale

Because I am working on a GH application for my collegaues.
I just want to be sure, that if they will use this application, the tolerance setting is ok, while if the tolerances is as the default setting, the surface split function fails in my GH app.

Hi Schell,

In a C# component, do this:

Rhino.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance = 0.001;

– Dale


Hi Dale,

Many thanks!