Change Rhino batch render file save format

In render settings, we have file save format set to jpg, however, batch render saves as .png.

How do we change the default file save format for batch render of named views

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@jaybee63 if you mean _BatchRenderNamedViews that is currently hard-coded. Do you need them to be another file format right out of Rhino, or can you batch convert them later?

Yes to _batchrendernamedviews, sorry for the confusion.
I would like them to save as jpg right out of rhino rather than add another step with another program to convert to jpg after rhino.

Is this possible?

Logged as RH-68624 Make it possible to set image format for BatchRenderNamedViews.

It is now on my todo list, but I don’t know yet when I’ll get to it.

Brilliant response, justifies why Rhino is simply the best.

Thank you.

Hi Nathan,

Has this feature been added yet?

Hi James -

I’ve opened RH-68624 for public viewing. That issue is currently on the 8.x list.

Hello, is there any chance that the feature to change the save format on the batch render command has been added to Rhino 8?

I would also like the ability to save the batch renders as Jpeg’s, and updates?