Change Profile Pic? No button

Can’t see any button. Is this adblocker related?

A while back @brian gave the answer how to change your profile pic:

Thanks @jordy1989 but when logging in with Google this would leave everything unchecked when saved and login again.

Hi @hannesgrebin,

You are right, there is currently a bug that leaves items unchecked with pictures from social providers. However, your profile picture has indeed been updated even if nothing has been checked.

That said, you may have to login and logout of Discourse for changes to take effect as Discourse caches images.

I hope this helps.


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@aj is thanks a lot for digging into this. magically works now. :slight_smile:

I miss your blue jacket already :wink:

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@Willem You’re absolutely right, will stick with the underground version of me in the forums (underground)! much love :hearts:

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