Change user accont

How can I :
1_ changed/profile photo
2_ change username
3_delete account
All in this forum


To change profile picture, user email id visit here:

General name change be done from here through preference tab.

About deleting it, I have no clue. McNeel Dev can assist you in this @wim


Hi BVR, just to note I updated my profile picture a that location some weeks back, but it has not propagated onto the forum (for me).

Are you sure it’s the correct solution?

Yup. Logout from here Discourse Mcneel and login.

very odd. correct profile pic popped up for a second or two, then was replaced by blue green randon dots again.

oh well.

EDIT: oh, it appears on this post but not the top right of the screen. I guess it will filter through eventually.

Now pay me. ha ha

will code for food.