Shortcut/alias to set material properties?


Is there a shortcut/alias or even a script available to set certain material properties with just a click of a button?

I would like to use this to set a shortcut to change the transparancy of a material to 70% for example.

(Btw I am using Rhino 6 in Rendered viewmode. I heard Rhino 7 has better transparancy support, but we havent upgraded)


This sounds like something a simple command macro assigned to a toolbar icon would solve.

yep… it is a soemwhat messy one -

! _-Properties _Pause _Material _Object "Rhinoceros" _Transparency 70 _EnterEnd

Use MacroEditor to ‘build’ these Properties based macros, they can be complicated.


Thanks it works. And it didn’t know about the MAcroEditor, will come in handy in the future, I am sure.

Just a few questions to help me understand the macro fully:

  • Where can you find the parameters used? I can see you use the Properties argument with a - to supress the dialog, but is there a list of available arguments within Properties ?

  • Why the “Rhinoceros” argument?

Hi Simon -

by running -properties from the macro editor, you can see what is being asked for and fill in the next steps for the macro.

‘Rhinoceros’ is the response to the command line question about the plug-in being used for the material.