Make Objects transparent with texture (opacity) or set locked objects transparency incl texture?

Hey I have to tweak the textures now therefore I need a workflow like in Photoshop to set transparency to all objects and see the overlapping parts (edges) and tweak the texture that those are matching properly and the overall texture merges.
Any idea how to do this in Rhino? Best would be setting locked objects to a certain transparency like default but incl the textures… Thanks!

Hi Hannes - for now you can temporarily set transparency to the materials.


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@pascal last question, is there a way (which would help me enourmously) to set the video settings, that I get a realtime feedback when rotating/moving verts? Does only refresh after command not while active. Thanks!!!

Hi Hannes, as Pascal mentioned, you have to do it from each material level if you want the textures retained.

Here is a script that would let you change the transparency setting of all selected objects’ materials at once.
(if the object has material ByLayer, it will affect the Layer’s material, if ByObject, Object’s…
SetMaterialsTransparency.rvb (1.0 KB)



Thanks a lot Jarek! Will do so. Btw have to check out Armadillo soon! Do you have a site where I can find all your scripts you are mentioning here in the forum? Similar to Seneca’s Modo scripts

hi Hannes,
Yes, please do check it out. As for the scripts, not really, many of the ones posted here I just whip up on the fly for particular issue or request. At some point though I plan to release a set of more advanced tools that are more complex and powerful that we use for our in-house projects but documenting and fully debugging them for general public use will take a while.