Change multiple instances of text to text objects set to lines

I have a model with about 200 parts ready for laser cutting. I have created part labels for each using text but RhinoCAM does not recognize text when I nest the parts so the part label disappears in the nested sheet. Using their tagging system will not work for me as the location of the tag is quite specific in many instances and the format is different. Mecsoft suggests that I use text objects set to lines rather than text so their nesting process with recognize the labels… Is there any way in Rhino to select all text and apply the text object property to all at one time?

What if you explode the text object and get curves? Would that work for RhinoCAM?

Thanks @egdivad , this works like a charm! Seltext / Explode and RhinoCAM does the rest.

Black lines are for cut, blue for etch. Dual number format indicates both part and adjacent part placed inside etched guides.