Change Language on Rhino 5


I’m french but I would like to change the language of my rhino from french to English as I’m in internship in England.

I tried to see in “parameters” but I have only one choice : “french”.

Is it possible to add a language in my rhino ?

Best regards.

Mathis Le Pallier


When installing Rhino, you are asked about which languages you want the installer to add. If you don’t select them during installation, they will not be available later on (In “Tools, Options, Appearance”).

However, you can always add the language pack(s) later on:

fantastic ! thank you so much !

It’s in english now !

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I dis actually specify en, but it did install the german instead!

The pack did sort it, thanks.

I installed the French language pack, but when opening Rhino6, I still have just English…

If you installed it, the it’s available so you can switch to it.
Run Options > Appearance
Click on the language drop-down on the Options page.
Choose French and restart Rhino.

Installing French does not switch Rhino to French.
It adds the language support.

Thank you guys for your responses… I just changed my Rhino 5 for Mac to English as well.

Many thanks.