Change colours for plane preview in Grasshopper

I’d like to change the preview of the plane axes in Grasshopper.

Red green are probably the worst colours - the most common colour blindness!

I couldn’t see anything in settings and or from a quick look in the GH SDK.

Any tips?

It would also be great to be able to change the line thickness too.


Plane custom (6.3 KB)

EDIT: I have updated the code to include different colors depending on whether the component is selected or not.

Didn‘t checked it but I think it‘s defined in the grasshopper_gui.xml in the settings folder. You can edit it in any ext editor.

Thanks @Dani_Abalde
What I’m really looking for is to change the preview - not create my own new preview. Works well but would have to keep plugging inputs in.

@tim.stark - I’ve had a look and couldn’t see it in there.

If it‘s not in there, does it uses rhino document properties? Sorry, still can’t check, not at the pc.

Edit: Ok, also not rhino doc properties.

Make a cluster from @Dani_Abalde’s component(with colors etc) and create a user object out of it. Shouldn’t be that much work, to place it once at the beginning of every script.

You can’t. The plane is drawn by the GH_Plane class, with arguments (such as colors) by default. I’m not sure if one can overwrite these static methods using reflections, I’m not going to try (I think it would be illegal if I shared it), and if it works, I guess it would only be for the context (document) to which the script that makes that hack belongs or maybe until you close GH.

Thanks for input all.

@DavidRutten any chance of exposing the plane axes colours in future?


@Dani_Abalde - Just sayin thanks for this. It’s not just a workaround, its a life saver for me, a colorblind person living in spherical coordinates.