Grasshopper UI Wishlist

Here is my wishlist for the next grasshopper.

  1. Being able to access custom preview colors for every component. Having to add custom preview and swatch components for every object with a different color can quickly clutter the definition.
  2. I use often use hidden wires for long wires or components between groups, it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut for wire types. (BTW Metahopper has a nice feature to edit component wires)
  3. Lock a group and its components positions. I sometimes make a quick UI inside a grasshopper canvas for a client to interact with. It would be nice if the components and groups could be locked in place so that they don’t move around.
  4. Rhino Preview Selection. In a big project, it’s sometimes challenging to find which grasshopper component is associated with which geometry in the Rhino Viewport. It would be nice to be able to click on the Rhino preview to find the component that generates it. There are a few plugins that kind of do this but require you to set up a script for every component you want to be able to preview/click. Instead, I wish that this was something that was universal for the entire script, where any visible geometry can be clicked.

Every single one of these three suggestions would be really great to have in reality.
Me wish that too :smiley:

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I assume the following components would revert to the default color? Maybe an additional option that tells following components to keep the set color from then on.

Oh, now it’s already getting complicated :sweat_smile:

Downstream component colors can have precedence/ nullify previous upstream components. And yes, un-colored components can revert to default colors. Another idea is the component change color along with the object for quicker identification.

One more idea: A spreadsheet component that one can manipulate within the grasshopper canvas. I know there are various plugins to connect excel/ CSV files, but something integrated can be really helpful. Something in between the expression editor and the matrix component.

The output of the spreadsheet would be a data tree.
An input can be used to manipulate data trees.

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