Change color of solid hatch

Is there a way to change solid hatch from black to other color?

A Hatch is just like anything else.
It will display the color of the Layer it is on unless it has a color property assigned to the object, which overrides the Layer setting.

Use the Properties panel to change the layer the Hatch is on to one with a different color.

That is exactly what I have tried to do…change color in properties panel.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work.
Hatch keeps stay black.
Only if I explode it, it becomes a surface, and changes it’s color/
Do you have an idea why ?

Is the hatch part of a block instance? If so change the layer color of the
layer you created the hatch on originally.

Hi Rachel - make sure you are changing ‘Display color’ and not ‘Material’. Also, if PrintDisplay is on (unlikely, but just in case) then the hatch will show its ‘Print color’, also in Properties.


Thank you very much!
I have tried your suggestions, and “Display Color” do change the color,
but the hatch object is not seen while rendering.
Should it appear on renderings?

Hi Rachel - no, hatches are not renderable - I see that they are ignored if ‘Annotations’ is set in the render post effects as well - I’ll check into that. For now, make a surface and assign a material.


OK. Thanks !!

The reason that I thought to do it is:
I design walls for exhibition. Render presentation on this stage.
On the wall there is text and some graphics.
If I have the text to be surfaces then all becomes much more complicated than hatch,
as I have to move all surfaces in front of the wall a little, otherwise it is not clear.

Hi Rachel - text is different - that should show in a rendering if Annotations is set in the render post effects:


and with V-ray?

Ah! A different story - you’ll need to use bitmaps with the text and decals/textures of some kind, I guess.


I see… but it is much complicated, because I have to prepare the text in Illustrator, and export JPG file, and then bring it as Bitmap, and then for any change - all of this from the begining…
Isn’t there any way to use 3D Rhino text in a way which can be V-ray rendered?
If not - may be it is a good idea for Rhino 6 to upgrade…

And as for decals - is there any link for a tutorial in Rhino / Vray ?

Thank you very much

The default Rhino Render can render text - this is something for the V-ray people to consider. I’m changing the category on this thread and hope that doing so attracts attention of either a V-ray user or developer… You could of course also try contacting Chaos Group directly.

Hi. For easy color assignment, you can use Colorswatch Toolbars from Ufuboceros.