Best practice for hatch as a different colour to its boundary?

I need brown outline as I am using for all my bricks (on layer ‘bricks’ colour brown) but some need a violet fill (or hatch in Rhino terms)
What is best method to fill some with violet hatch using hatch command ?
I cant see anything in help on this.
I need to be moving the filled one about so thoughts of two layers one violet the other brown sheds doubts over this.


Apply the color “per object” to the hatch(es) via the Properties panel.

I cant see where to do that, I select the hatch which is on my brick trace brown layer, and go properties
I have
display colour
Print colour
Print width

I select lavender as display colour but the hatch is still brown when done.


Hello - are you saying that you select a hatch object and in Properties change its display color and the color does not change? If so please export that object to a new file and post it here.