Chamfer to an angle

In the attached I have two edges that I would like to Chamfer. One is marked with a rad line. The other is outside the picture but is roughly the same.
I need to chamber the edge at 45 degrees so that the surfaces on the left of the edge slope into the ones at the right. Because the surface I want to replace varies in height, need the chamfer should disappear when the height reaches zero.

Is there any way to chamber the edge by angle (rather than length)?

Problem Chamfer 2.3dm (3.2 MB)

I think this old tutorial has the details and techniques you’re looking for:

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It seems to me something like this would be a lot easier. What I did was:

  1. DupEdge along where I wanted the chamfer to end.
  2. Drew a line along the angle.
  3. Sweep1
  4. Split
  5. Split
    (Leaving out changing the CPLANE)

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