Chamfer Edges Closest to Surface

Hello, I am trying to chamfer some corners in a model in Grasshopper but I only want to chamfer some of the edges. The way I am thinking of doing it is finding the list of edges whose distance is 0 from the plane I want to chamfer. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to select the edges I want and output them into the fillet box. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to approach this issue?Chamfer Edges of (26.7 KB)

Maybe this is what you’re looking for.
Chamfer Edges of (16.6 KB)

I used a cluster called isEqual that tests within a specified tolerance.

Chamfer Edges of (27.8 KB)

Looks like both @Joseph_Oster and @akilli have addressed my issues in different ways. Thank you for your help.

@Joseph_Oster I has not seen a cluster used before. It appears like you can use the EqualsT in Rhino7 to do the same thing. I had not understood how to use the series and the cull to get their positions.