Chamfer by chamfer length

Hi guys

anyone can help me to find a right way to cchamfer a polyline by chamfer lenght?, i ve tryed some alternative solution but i always have some problem when segment angle changing.

many many thanks

Is this what you are looking for? (3.8 KB)

i ve tryed with a similar solution but it’s wrong because the lenght of chamfer line change by segment angle… if you try with triangle and exagon you can see clearly

Show me something.

I think he means to have the same length of the chamfer segment. Right now they are same distance from the original kink, but the actual chamfer line length varies based on the original angle it is chamfering.

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yes, it’s correct!!
thanks @Michael_Pryor !
@HS_Kim if you measure the lenght of chamfer segment is different from triangle to exagon because you can control the distance between polygon vertex and segment end but not between the two ends of chamfer segment.

OK. Here we have one solution usingRight Trigonometry. I didn’t test it for another polygon… (12.5 KB)


Works well…


!!! Master!!!

That’s fantastic @HS_Kim
you never fail to surprise me.