Chamfer and BlendEdge problem

on this sample, FilletEdge works but Chamfer and BlendEdge seems not.

Hello Violine, problems fillet/blend edge in Rhino 5 there are in quantity, I’m talking about simple situations, uncomplicated, such as those that you have proposed.
In my experience, I have found that the fillet on edges that tend to 0 does not work well in many circumstances: who knows what will happen in Rhino 6?

Hi Davide,
I hope for some improvements, to speed up the work for all users with different skill levels, especially in such simple situations. Thanks!

Thanks for the report on both BlendEdge and ChamferEdge leaving gaps here. I’ve filed these both and development will take a look a.s.a.p. The numbers in our system are RH-20898 and RH-20897, these reports are not public at this time.