CFD preparation

Having a lot of bother with a design I’ve done on Rhino. Trying to get a solid model so I can do CFD tests on it. Designed the boat myself and downloaded an outboard .stl file online.

Anyone got time on their willing to have a look at it for me? Happy to pay some beer money in exchange for getting this file ready to use

Heres a screenshot of my design, managed to get a “good” mesh but it appears to be made up of seperate pieces? Which dont work in CFD

I lend you this, it works well
Boat_yo.igs (13.1 MB)


That’s cool, pretty much what I’m going for

Is this blueCFD Core with Open Foam?

no is FloEFD for CATIA V5

Whoosh, I want to learn CATIA one day. Do you use it for architecture related work?

I use it to manufacture bottles and plastic products

Cool :blush:

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You can get it much cheaper inside every other mechanical modelling tool - like Creo, NX, Solidworks…
All of these have FloEFD as their intergrated CFD tool.
There also seems to be a standalone version as well:



There is CFD in Rhino for power and performance of marine craft:

I’m trying Simscale just now, online CFD