Could you please help me with the below questions?

I have been trying to run a butterfly indoor sample case for my model. And I have just started to learn grasshopper.

I have uploaded my overall diagram.

My questions are,

1- How can I create 2 different zones for my model? And connect to the butterfly?

2- How can I make windows with 30% openings?

3- in the tutorial, there were one intel and outlet windows, in my model, there is inlet windows (which is double-skin facade) and outlet which is windows with 30% openings, so if I am not mistaken in this case I can see the airflow in the corridor, however, I want to see what will happen in my indoor environment too.

4- I made a double-skin facade, how can I connect my facade to my model?

Thank you very much in advance.

Doc21.pdf (38.1 KB)

Hi - please see for questions related to the Ladybug Tools.