Centers of cut spheres


i have many “edited spheres” that i want to obtain the original of. is this possible? i want to obtain the original sphere because i need the geometry centers of each one, and cut parts of the edited spheres change the center points. any thoughts on this ?

need to see the geometries.

Just get the bounding box’s center.

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can you elobarte a little ? sorry i am new to this

Post the geometry, I show you.

TRIAL.3dm (115.7 KB)

get (8.6 KB)

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Maybe…? (4.2 KB)

(might not work for all, since it’s looking for the spherical face in a brep that has the largest area)

Here is one that will do multiple breps in a list - FWIW (5.8 KB)


interesting idea, thank you

this is amazing, thanks

Hmm… note that this method is not 100.000% accurate. If you really want it precise, you need to get the original sphere and then do the rest stuff.

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Mine should be 100% accurate IF any of the original sphere segments has the largest area of all the faces in the object.

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Yes, I agree.

Bounding box is not the best idea. With the large openings the bounding box will not be a regular box.
I recommend selecting the largest surface (or hand-pick it) and then automate making the points on it and build the sphere on top of these point. 100% accurate:


You can also untrim the brep surfaces, get the radii from the arc edges, form new sphere:
' (346.1 KB)

this change equally valid: