Distribute Points and Curves on a Sphere Surface

Hi everybody

I have a huge problem with opening a sphere and aqueezing it, but leaving the sphere shape unchanged. I need to split it in a half and squeeze it to 3/4 sphere. In other words the points would have to position themselves in a shape of the sphere behind.

I will be ultimately grateful for any help.

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Quite clumsy, but you can try the following.

Assuming the colored polylines create a sphere overall:

Select them all, and create a bounding box around them (command Cage, option BoundingBox). Hide the colored curves. Draw a solid box, snapping to cage corners. Find the centroid point for the box (VolumeCentroid command). Scale sphere to the size of the box you built previously. Move the sphere from its center (command Move) to box centroid point. Delete the cage and the box, unhide the colored curves.

seems like you need a Scale Around Axis (or something like that)

i haven’t checked the precision of doing the following but it may be a solution to get the points to do what you want… (not sure how to get the curves to stay attached to the points though)

_FlowAlongSrf will let you do this:

Disregard my previous post. I might not understand the task.