Set center at Multiple objects

Multiple objects center.3dm (337.4 KB)

How to find the center of multiple objects at once.
Is it possible with script or grasshopper?
Can anyone help me with this?

but geeez, I wonder how these curves came into existance, they look a bit horrible with all these points.

If the circles were actually arcs, it would be easier (deconstructArc node)

These geometries I receive in this way.
I ask:
How do I manage to generate a point in the center of each result?

they are already there!

if you bake the evaluate box node you get it… but better connect a Point container, and bake that because the evaluate box will also bake the frame (7.3 KB)

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What if the object is 3d, such as an extrusion of these curves?
How do I do ?

same procedure, different input container for referencing.

if you don’t want the actual bounding box center, you will need to project the resulting points to whatever plane you need.

Here is a Python script, just in case… (373 Bytes)

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