Centering a circle

Hi All, senario would be if you have 3 curves that represent a triangle and you want to center a circle inside of that triangle.
Could the move command have an option that centers a circle in between 3 curves such as a triangle ( as the example)?maybe center “between 3 pts” or “avg between 3 pts. You could pick 3 pts. along the circle somewhere and pick 3 pts. on those curves, then in an option pick” avg. between".
Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

is _Circle _Tangent doing what you’re after ? This would create a new circle, you would have to pick on the 3 curves (or lines) that make up the triangle.


Hi Clement, I was thinking in more general terms. Such as curves that are not a straight (irregeular)line curves that are equal ( more random). A circle that is smaller. But I suppose you could use that as a centering start point and scale down the smaller circle. Thanks for that bit of insight . Mark