Center of Gravity Control Point

I want to be able to align a solid with it’s center of gravity. However I can’t seem to create such in a tetrahedron. Does anyone know how this is done??CamMount2.3dm (5.2 MB)

Does VolumeCentroid to get a point object and then RelocateGumball to that point snap as the origin do what you want?

YESSS! That’s the ticket. Thanks Brian!

but wait… when I try to do an concentric alignment the method defaults to the other gimbal location

Align is likely using the bounding box center versus the volume centroid then. Can you use the Move command to move the wedge part from it’s volume centroid point to some center Osnap on the rod and then move along the vertical axis as a secondary step?

Ok - that seems to be the work around. Thanks.

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