Move from object center


I have an object with holes. The Gumball center falls within a hole. How do I move selecting the object center as the first point?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - see if marking this location with VolumeCentroid helps.



Not sure how that would be selected as the point to move from, but I using the command gets me “Unable to calculate centroid.”

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - sounds like a defect someplace -can you post the object or send to



(Miled Rizk) #5

You can use the command BoundingBox to create a bounding box around your object,
Now you can use the command VolumeCentroid on the created bounding box, this will
create a point object at its center. Delete the Box, and from now on you can select your object and
that point when moving, using the Point snap.


That worked to get the centroid of the box. However, I can’t figure out how to select it as the point to move from. And in reality, that is way to many steps for how I work. Shouldn’t the centroid or gumball center be select-able as a move from point? I’ve been learning a lot in Rhino, but some simple things require so many steps I just default back to Sketchup.


Pascal, here is the model. BoundingBox did work to give a centroid. But not the object itself.

.GARMIN_MOUNT.3dm (1.3 MB)

(Pascal Golay) #8

Hello - thanks, I see that Volume and VolumeCentroid fail - the object looks OK so far… still poking…

This one is fixed… GARMIN_MOUNT_OK.3dm (293.2 KB)


(Miled Rizk) #9

Hi, for the selecting issue, after deleting the bounding box, you’ll be left with your object and the point,
enable the Point snap option, now when the move tool asks for the first point, while the objects
are selected, you can snap on that point and do the moving.


Very interesting. The model checks as valid.

How did you find the problematic parts, why aren’t they flagged in an object check, and how did you fix?

(Pascal Golay) #11

Hello - when Volume fails, it generally means that Area fails on at least one face of the object. I have a script that looks for area failures, replace or fix those faces… then I make a bug for @GregArden