Celestial sphere with data

HI! I want to recreate the celestial sphere with the 5172 visible stars.
I have an excel with all the polar coordinates of the stars I want. For a sphere of r=300 I want to place all the points and extrude a cylinder at each point which I will then cut with the sphere so that each star is a point.
With the polar point operation I can place a point in its place, is there any way I can import the excel file and place all the points in the sphere at once?

A simple way is to export all coordinates in a CSV file and read that in GH. Find closest points on the sphere and extrude cylinders.

Ok, I managed to put the points on the sphere but when creating the cylinders they are all created in the same direction. How can I make them extrude towards the center of the sphere?

As I hinted above you need to evaluate the sphere surface at the closest points of your coordinates. That will give you a normal for each cylinder.

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Sorry but I’m new at grashopper, but how can I do that?

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I used some randomly distributed points to illustrate the process:

evaluate_surface.gh (12.8 KB)


Hi @Evap
You can also use the nightingale plugin in you don’t want to do all the work yourself. You can find it on food for rhino.


Could you pleas share the grasshopper script, how you have constructed the stars etc. because i am running on some problems with finding the stars map.
Tanks in advance!

Go to food for rhino log in download the “nightingale” plugin
Open the component in Gh and input your geo data.
I can’t really tell from your reply what you want but that’s a nice gh plugin to have.

Thanks for the response. I’ve played with the plugin also before but it was working. Now it also worked somehow in the . But what is also interesting it that when you have a r for the sphere then and if you open the script then one needs to change r and Ctrl+z or F5.