Caustics, Cycles, Appleseed is also open source?

i know i know, Cycles is not the best place for caustics, though experimenting a bit with it it does not seem entirely impossible, at least what i see in a tutorial comparing Cycles in Blender with Blenderseed, if you have enough patience, but potentially it should render out, which it somehow does not really, i tried with spot light, point light, emissive color, i think i also tried directional. RhinoCycles.NoCaustics is set to false but i get this, i mean you see some hints of it but whatever bounces i changed it did not enhance ā†’

much rather it should look somehow like this, which is cycles in blender rendered for 1,5 hours or so

source ā†’ Rendering Caustics in Blender with appleseed

so which settings can i tweak, if the responsible ones are hooked up in Rhino at all?

also appleseed might be an interesting alternative, which seems to be currently hooked into Blender under the name Blenderseed, which brought me here at all and which is also is in the link above

maybe appleseed could be a interesting alternative to Cylces? in combination maybe?
here the source page to appleseed ā†’

@nathanletwory @andy any thoughts, suggestions?

I have looked into appleseed, as well as luxcore. At some point Iā€™d like to work on those, but for now Cycles has the priority of my time.

cool, thrilled to hear that.

still is there anything i can do to at least get close to cycles for blender? is there something not chained in? also as i have just tested, the setting RhinoCycles.NoCaustics is ignorred, there is no change when i set to false or true, rhino restart included. bug?

Could be a bug. But currently updating to Cycles X and rewriting the integration. Hopefully most of the issues get addressed automagically.


looks like caustics will be coming to cycles:

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yup that video was on my playlist next up did not have a chance to check it yet, thanks for posting. hope that will come to Rhino because i am grinding my teeth regarding this.

If now progressed to have the dependency building for our needs with Cycles automated. Cycles building updates are currently under way, and Iā€™m getting started with the RhinoCycles rewrite now. Or not now, now, but rather after the holidays now.

addendum: it is clear that caustics in Cycles is very, very early days still.

does that mean that updates to cycles could pass easier to Rhino?

Yes, automation is key to make it easier to update.


just having the certainty that it will land at some point in the future is good enough news already.

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