Rhino 7 Mac not utilising E-GPU


I have noticed that Rhino 7 for mac does not utilize my E-GPU.

I have right clicked on the program and enabled the “prefer external GPU”.

With Rhino 6 The E-GPU was working without a hitch.

I cannot enable the E-GPU under the Cycles menu as I could in Rhino 6.
Here are some screenshots. The left one is in Swedish but one can see that I have the E-GPU preferred.

Does anyone know if there is a solution to this problem?

Many thanks

Macbook Pro 15 inch 2018
Catalina 10.15.7
Razor core x
Radeon 5700 XT

We upgraded the Cycles codebase, that does not support OpenCL on the Mac anymore. Nor CUDA for that matter, since I never got that to work on our office macbookpro that has nvidia.