Capturing bitmap of headless Rhino doc


I’m wondering if it’s possible to capture a bitmap of a headless Rhino document. After creating the document and designating the active views:

                    RhinoDoc headlessDoc = RhinoDoc.Create(RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Path);
                    RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc = headlessDoc; 
                    Rhino.Display.RhinoView rhinoView = headlessDoc.Views.ActiveView;
                    Rhino.Display.RhinoViewport rhinoViewport = rhinoView.ActiveViewport;

I’ve tried a few methods for capturing to bitmap, e.g.:

                Bitmap bmp = rhinoView.CaptureToBitmap(imageSize, displayMode);

But these still capture the view of the open document, rather than the headless one. Is this impossible to do (by virtue of it being “headless”)?

This is currently not possible. We need to tune our display architecture to be able to capture when running in headless mode.