Screenshot of the model using Rhino Compute

Does the current api for Rhino compute provide the capability of being able to take a screenshot from a specific file?

something like this?

RhinoDocument = Rhino.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc
view = RhinoDocument.Views.Find(viewportName, False)
vp = view.ActiveViewport
size = System.Drawing.Size(vp.Size.Width*scaleFactor,vp.Size.Height*scaleFactor)
capture = view.CaptureToBitmap(size)

Not yet. We need to do some more work to get OpenGL to work properly in a headless environment like compute

Thanks Steve. I just used Squid to get an image out of GH Compute… although it is not a screenshot it works for what I need for now…

Would you dare to guess a date for this feature to be working? this year?

I wouldn’t dare. We haven’t investigated this yet so I don’t know how big of a project this is.

Any news regarding this?

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Nothing to report here yet. This is still a feature we need to write.