Cap 2 Objects

nussknacker Grundriss Zeichnung!.stp (181.6 KB)
Hi all can anyone help me with this File
im Trying to Cap these 2 objects its says “The openings did not have closed, planar loops of edges.”

nussknacker Grundriss Zeichnung_Cap.3dm (356.0 KB)

Hi, have a look from the right view.

This file was cut from the right view and then cap works. (The value in Z is false now)
nussknacker Grundriss Zeichnung!.3dm (169.0 KB)

Cap.3dm (185.5 KB)

didn’t recognize that thnks for the help!

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as you can see, your edges dose not located az at the same hight so rhino can not do cap . for a solution you have two way :
1 - first draw a 2d plan for each part az a close spline and then extrude them then type “cap” , select the objects and enter
2- select each of object you create and then type solidpton ( or goto to Solid > solid edit tools > turn on points ) now you can see the points at the bottom and top of your objects. now select the point below and then type “setpt” and in the opened widow select z . now you can move the points to the same level . repeat that for the top pints . if you do correctly , you can type “cap” and then select each of objects and Enter .

Sorry - my english is not well but I hope this be usefull