Canvas problem

I was in the process of dragging wires from the highlighted (green) List Item output to the orange List Item when something weird and terrible happened. A strange rip shape appeared, my canvas went dark and all Grasshopper previews in Rhino disappeared! I can still work on the canvas but how do I get rid of that rip shape and dark canvas and restore previews?

P.S. I found a solution:

  1. CTRL-A to select all components.
  2. File | New Document
  3. Edit | Paste in Place

How very strange… :man_facepalming:

Sounds like you somehow triggered the preview boundary shortcut which might be set to F1…


Yes, it looks like that. Ah, ‘Display | Preview Boundary’…
How do I make it go away? F1 has no effect. OH, found it. Thank you @martinsiegrist


That’s a weird and dangerous feature!

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This is what is set in my Grasshopper preferences…


It worked pressing scape