Can't select anything - Reboot

Only been learning Rhino7 for Mac for a just couple of days… working through the basics tutorial with no problem, but today, I can’t seem to select anything. No layers are locked. I’ve created new files, and same problem each time. Like, I’ll draw a circle, polyline, whatever, and immediately after that, I can’t select it. The only way I can select is to use Command A, which is not ideal as it selects all items. Please help.

On a Mac, it seems the first thing to try for very odd behaviors like this, is to reboot the Mac.
If that doesn’t sort it, we can dig deeper.

Any luck?

Thank you! Yes, that worked. Is this a common Mac thing with Rhino?

Common only that restarting the Mac seems to sort the odd behavior.
There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to the specific oddities themselves.

The pattern seems to be, “All of a sudden [odd problem description] is happening.”