Can't save a document and can't close Rhino

Im running the mac version of Rhino and I have a document that Rhino will not let me save. “You do not have permission to save a file in the folder “CAD” This means that I can not quit Rhino, or uninstall it or anything.

Can you change the directory you are saving to? Have you also tried Force Quit in OSX if saving the file is not required?

great thanks! force quit seemed to do it… saving elsewhere didn’t!

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I would update your Mac Rhino build to the latest and greatest (505) as well if you haven’t already, this may help. The problem sounds like a system setting or local network permission issue though. Can you save from other programs to the same location as a test? If it is just Rhino having this issue, even after you update, can you tell me if it is a local drive or external drive location or network that you are saving to?