Can't reference ShapeDiver API into Wix


I’m trying to embed a ShapeDiver model using the API into a webpage created with Wix. I’m using Wix’s Velo Dev Mode to write the JavaScript code to embed the viewer. However, I keep getting an error message saying that SDVApp is not referenced, so the code is not working and I do not get the ShapeDiver viewer. Any thoughts?

I have written the following code:

const SDVApp = "";

$w.onReady(function () {
    let api;
    let initSdvApp = function() {
      _container = $w('#wixViewer'); /* '#wixViewer' is referencing a Wix element where I want to place the ShapeDiver Viewer*/ 
      settings = {
      container: _container,
      showSceneMode: SDVApp.constants.showSceneModes.INSTANT, 
      ticket: "85d9977f5426033e058a60c8b81c2c91d331d5eec7bdfed66d354132539d4efb0d01bd6e5d7bc61bc8894b820fff1922d2a2e7e6b7f5883d244f93f0c9ce73daa540ccd7b6d1a1d9ccc40307c3549ff3bbce1a7e902ac438abb53b472d73f2fd2578881f8846e73c4af238f34b9725c41232a2e3129d-d34ace0dbe577c6152ee63654b9e807c",
      modelViewUrl: "eu-central-1"
    let api = new SDVApp.ParametricViewer(settings);



Best regards,

Fernando Maytorena

ShapeDiver API in Wix context was discussed earlier in the following Forum post, see more details here: