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Hello ShapeDiver team,
I am testing my model (ShapeDiver - Online Parametric 3D Configurator) using ShapeDiver’s Designer plan. I am experiencing some technical issues embedding the generated iframe code into my WIX domain. I am copying and pasting the embed code directly into my Wix page, and it shows the following message:


Could you double-check if everything is correct on Shapediver’s end, since Wix support have said that they don’t see any problems embedding the iframe code on their end.

Thank you for looking at this.

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You need to whitelist domains first for any embedding to work. Follow these steps to set up your model on Wix:

  1. Open your Wix page with embedded ShapeDiver model, open the network tab in the browser’s developer tools, filter “ticket” and select the error (red) network request. Look for “x-shapediver-origin” in the header and copy only the domain part without the “https://” bit.

  1. In ShapeDiver, go to your dashboard, domains tab and enter the domain.

  1. Then open your model in the edit mode, allow global domains and apply settings.

More on embedding in this documentation article:


Thank you for your thorough response, managed to set it up with ease following your steps!


Hi Shapediver Team,

I join the discussion as I am experiencing the same problem with the WIX platform, but the proposed solution does not seems to work for me. Am I missing anything basic?

Here is a link to the relevant page: https://matteoberera.wixsite.com/sliceup/general-8

Thank you

Hi Matteo. I added the domain to the section of “Additional Domains” and it did the trick.

Don’t forget to check this section of our documentation where we explain how to enable different features in the iframe, like leaving the parameter widget open.