Can't open Python editor in Grasshopper

In Rhino 6, I can’t open Python editor in GH. Neither double-clicking or “Open editor…” works. No error message or anything. It does work in Rhino 5 on my computer though.

Anyone has experience with this problem before? Any suggestion? Thanks.

Hi @Liuweiqian90,

let’s see how we can get it fixed…

  • Did you by any change disable to Python interpreter?
  • Can you start the Rhino Python editor by typing the command _EditPythonScript in Rhino?



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi Guilo,

Thanks for your help.
The problem is resolved now. For some reason, on my computer there were two .gha files in Grasshopper’s components folder: ghpython2.gha & GhPython.gha

I removed ghpython2.gha from the folder and the issue is fixed.

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