Python Script Editor not opening

Double clicking the GH/Math/Script/Python logo does not open the editor as explained in the tutorial. Is there a special install procedure in addition to the Rhino/GH standard install? I’m a newcomer just trying to start the intro course by Niloofar.

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Just to make sure I understand. Is this what you’re doing?

  • click on the logo (in the tool bar) once to select the GhPython Script component
  • move your mouse over the main area and click to drop the component on the canvas
  • double click on the component that you just dropped on the canvas to open the editor

Having the same issue, nothing pops up when I try to open the editor. My component says “Python Script” and not “GhPython Script”

Does trying to open it via the drop down do anything?

Hi, I am having the same issue, does anyone know how to solve it?

Is it happening with other components? For example if you use a C# script component can you open the editor?

Is it possible that the editor opens behind the main Grasshopper window? Can you try moving the window ?

What version of Rhino are you using?

I can open the script editor of C# and VB, but not Python.
Have tried downloading the different versions of the plug-in component from GhPython | Food4Rhino but it still did not work.
Rhino version: 7.4.21067.13001
Grasshopper build: 1.0.0007