Can't input values for movements and offsets?

I’ve created a projec which for some reason says “unknown command” when I input a value into a movement or offset direction.

Something must be off with the units, but I can’t see what, as I have another project which works fine and seems to have the same unit settings. Must be something simple I’m missing.

Problem File:
Contemp.3dm (1.6 MB)

Okay File:
Veronica2.3dm (3.4 MB)

What commands are you trying to use? How do you start a command - click on an icon in a toolbar, type on the command line, use a drop-down menu or ???

After closing the problem project and opening it again, the behaviour is back to normal. But at one point I had the problem project and the nonproblem project open at the same time and it worked on the one but not the other.

Steps for issue: (n" is move distance constraint, commands are on command line)
LMB object > Move > Enter > LMB drag > <<n">> Enter = “unknown command ’ n” ’

Same for offset
LMB line > offset > Enter > (D > or) <<n">> = “unknown command ’ n” ’
It seems that it was a semi-crash of some kind where distance inputs are concerned.