Adobe illustrator and rhino

when importing an illustrator file into rhino6 nothing happens, no shapes appear.
Works in rhino5 (same file)

Make sure the PDF compatibility is checked while saving the AI file. Can you provide us with a file sample?

PDF compatibility is checked while saving the AI file and imports in rhino5 but not in (1.6 MB)

Well, it DOES open correctly here.
…But, I see that you are on mac version., I can’t help much, I’m on windows.

@itailu in rhino V6 its working perfect …

I restarted rhino6 on the seventh time it worked.

cheers :slight_smile:

I go back and forth from rhino to illustrator all the time on the Mac. I do save down my illustrator files to the lowest setting. I use this script most of the time.

!_-Export /your file location and name PreserveUnits=Yes Unit=MM ViewportBoundary=No Enter

tried again, no mater which illu version I save, It will not show in rhino6 mac

seems to import fine here, as a hatch or boundary curves, running latest SR Rhino6 Mac :+1: