Can't get gear to rotate around its center

I am trying to use bongo with gears and can’t get my gear to rotate around the center of the gear. When I am in the animation setting and try to rotate the gear, the center circle stays in the same place and rotates, but the actual gear rotates around a spot that is not in the middle of the gear. This messes up the rotation because I am trying to make a linear rotary gear and the gear can’t stay on the motion path when this happens. I also tried creating a solid gear so that the two parts would be connected but this did not make a difference.

Can you please post or send an example model to me (
It’s hard to say what goes wrong without having the model,

Rotary to linear Gear.3dm (550.0 KB)

Bongo puts the pivot automatically to the center of the Rhino bounding box. So in your gear object, it’s not automatically in the center of the circle, but in the center of the whole object. Here you can see the object and the Rhino bounding box (yellow box):

In order to get the pivot in to the center of the circle you have to move it by using the BongoMovePivot command. If you have osnap to center activated in Rhino you can easily move the pivot to the center of the circle.

Thank You!