Can't find sub iframe to whitelist for embedding

Hi - I’m testing embedding an iframe of a private shapediver model into a host domain. I’m trying to embed into a google blog page using their embed option. i think this is embedding an iframe inside of an iframe and I’m running into what i believe is an issue with whitelisting the iframe of the host domain.


does anyone know how to find the iframe inside of this site in order to white list it and embedd one of shapedivers iframes into it?

In addition, i am having difficulty adding urls with “/” or “_” in them, is there a specific way to do this?

thanks for your help!

You need to enter the edit mode in order to add allowed domains in the model settings. Simply click the Edit button on the model thumbnail and there is also a button below the viewer once you open the model. Make sure you enter the correct subdomains, more here.

I think i have a fundamental problem that i don’t understand so let me back up to the URL.
Here is the site I am trying to embed at

when i go to whitelist the domain “” it doesn’t give me the option to add it

It’s not necessary to add the whole URL, just add the main domain.