Shapediver domain whitelist autocomplete

I’m trying to get my domain whitelisted. I initially entered it with the www. Now the autocomplete won’t allow me to do it with out the www.

I just gave it a try, you can enter your domain with and without www prepended. Please see this example:

Hi Alexander.

I got it to take the domain name, thank you. I still get the same "we are sorry embedding not allowed.

Please point us to the precise model and the page you are embedding it on, such that we can review what might be the problem. In case you don’t want to post it here, please write to

Thank you very much I send the mail.

It seems you are embedding our iframe into another iframe which gets embedded into your website. In that case you need to whitelist the hostname of the inner iframe, which seems to be
I whitelisted this hostname for your model, now it works.

Thank you for this Alexander. I appreciate your effort. I’ll look in to this, I dont understand why there are two iframe’s should only be one.