Can't delete reference layer



Spoke too soon. I get this error :

AccessDeniedInvalid according to Policy:
Policy Condition failed: [“eq”, “$acl”, “private”]-


(John Brock) #22

Did you ever get this file upload problem sorted?


I got a message from Pascal saying he had the file but have not heard back since. I still have the problem.


(Pascal Golay) #25

Hi Nick - I did download a file but (and I am sorry, I thought I had emailed you back, apparently I did not - apologies for that) the weirdness continues - the file is completely empty…



I had a similar problem, even after exploding blocks, purging and deleting all blocks in blockmanager, the reference layers remained. However when i closed and reopened the file all the empty ‘undeletable’ referenced layers were gone!

(Klorn) #27

Hi, it seems like almost a year later, this problem still persists even in Rhino 6.

I have purged, manged my blocks, deleted everything, tried saving in multiple different files, copy and pasted into new files etc etc and still I cannot remove a reference block. The biggest issue being, that every time I want to save the file, I cannot save without also embedding the very large reference block. This makes the relatively simple file very slow and heavy. So much that Rhino often becomes irresponsive.

Has there been any resolve to this issue?

(Pascal Golay) #28

Hello - can you please send a file with the undeletable block? ( , to my attention ) What do you mean by ‘reference block’?



(Klorn) #29

I can’t due to confidentiality.

I meant reference layer, but the object that is on this layer is a block instance. The block is a large 3d model (3d scan) that was originally in sketchup, roughly 240mb. My Rhino model is only 5mb. I was using the scan to model a landscape around it. Also, Rhino is have a hard time with this 3d scan, when I import it, the file size just goes through the roof, from the original file size of 244mb to over 1.6gb. I have tried all that I know to get the file size down, including removing any plug-in data, reducing the amount of geometry, purging, and lowering the amount of polygons. So, when I also can’t remove this reference layer with this very heavy block, my files are very large and Rhino often crashes or is just not responsive, for even the most simple of command, like select.

V6: Making a Better Block Manager

I had discussed this in: V6: Making a Better Block Manager

My workaround, and yes it is only a workaround is to create all blocks on the “Default” layer, as it exists in most Rhino 3D drawings, and most people don’t delete it.

Though, when you export things to say a .stp file, it makes a mess for the receiver.

(Pascal Golay) #31

Hello - is the scan a single mesh, in theory? Does it come in as a block instance? What does BlockManager show you?



Is there a reason you can’t use a worksession instead?

(Jarek Karpik) #33

Same problem here. I just got used to copying stuff I need to a new file.

(Pascal Golay) #34

Hi Jarek -The problem described original post, way at the very top, I cannot reproduce here in the latest - are you seeing the same problem as described there? If not, can you describe exactly what is going wrong and if possible, post an example file(s)




I have a very manual workaround. when this happens — isolate block , normally some kind of copy paste first… , explode, selblock explode, sel block explode … going to layer sel objects on layer… finding culprit. changing layer… making nice. PURGE… reblock. reblock. save. reorient. something like that. sometimes I do not want to reorient so I just block edit and keep going into the blocks and selecting objects on that layer until I finally am able to select the objects because I have finally located them… and then I just change out that layer where I want. so I can rid that layer purge it. save block…