Cant customize Ribbon layout

Im trying to customize my GH ribbon layout. (way to full)
I remember it was possible at some point with some kind of editor.
Is it still?


What are you talking about? Link to another thread? What does “way too full” mean? “some kind of editor”? Pull up your socks! :exploding_head:

There is a discussion here :

That’s all I know.

Cool Joseph I learn new expressions (US/UK ones). In French there is one not very polite :wink:

Too full means surely that

I don’t use a lot of them, but I keep them. I mostly use words to find components.

Noble of you @laurent_delrieu to make sense of what sounds like incoherent babbling to me. My instinct in dealing with this is to reach for the Ignore User button, but this forum doesn’t have one.

Yes, means basically the same thing. :wink:

yeah. mine is looking the same… you cant find anything… the layout editor is gone somehow… (allows you to group GIS plugins/mesh plugins etc. really usefull)

@Joseph_Oster pull up your socks and help out.
Laurent seems to have the same issue!

stuff like this…

It is not an issue for me, I type words on canvas to find what I need.
I discover this tool, always something new to learn in Rhino or Grasshopper. But I don’t need it. Click on Create layout

Magic Grasshopper and magician David Rutten


see… mine is gone / locked.


Had you included that image in your original post, your meaning would have been clear. Your words alone, without any context or references, made absolutely no sense to me at all.

so sorry. im learning. plis help

Mystery deepens !!!
See that, if it helps. Old Grasshopper site is full of Grasshopper topics.

yea! thanks. already read through these threads… doesnt apply to the option not showing up. maybe the developer killed it for this version. which version are you running?

Good question, I didn’t notice, I am on V5 now.
I keep both, and I used Rhino 5 and GH 0.9 !!! Because Vray just work on V5.
I confirm GH 1 has not these options !!!
@DavidRutten, Layout Editor is no more in GH1.0. On purpose or not ? Thanks. Enjoy your holidays, I don’t think this is an emergency.

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Back from holidays… looks like the fun is over.

Yes this was removed because I didn’t feel like pouring a ton of effort into making the Ribbon editor screen-scale aware (like the rest of the GH UI in Rhino6). It was a horrible solution to a well defined problem.

I think it will actually take me less time to do it right than to fix the old code, so I decided to trash the entire feature until enough people started shouting.


Hi David. Thanks for picking up this thread! And btw. great work with this grasshopper thang!!!

if you think of redoing the ribbon i would have following suggestion top of my head…

  1. you type a category in the popup search bar (“sets” or an gh-plugin name “metahopper”, with a prefix like “/sets” or"#sets", which would enable suggestions (like possible filepaths…):

  2. then there will be a popup where your cursor is with the icons (maybe with some transparency) ~ rhino popup toolbar

  3. if you have subsets/categories one can narrow it down like “#sets#lists”,after “#” + “tab” again you get a suggestions/autocomplete of all possible sub categories…


  1. you pick what you need. (And in that way can learn the grasshopper components vocab).

  2. in the end you could also get rid of/hide the ribbon.

  3. for an overview you type “#” and all ribbon tabs plugins you have appear (in list form).

what do you think?


That is not a ribbon thing, but fair enough. Tab and/or Panel names could be used as a prefix to filter out results. Problem here is whether to use the category and subcategory strings provided by the components themselves (these become the tab and panel names), or whether to use the current ribbon layout. The first makes it work the same everywhere, and also allows you to access components that are completely hidden from the ribbon, the latter makes it consistent with what you see.

Possibly it only makes sense to apply both filters at the same time…

The # prefix is already defined btw. It includes search results for obsolete or hidden components.

The ribbon can already be folded really thin, so removing it entirely won’t give that much gain. Also there will be a never ending stream of questions from new users who have inadvertently managed to hide the ribbon and are now completely lost…

But yeah, I agree that some more filtering patterns would be really useful in the popup instantiator. Possibly using colons or dots or slashes? Sets:Text: or Sets.Text. or Sets/Text/

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in general im favor of some standards… but considering all these whacky plugin names some customization would be useful…
also for ghuser elements you should have the possibility to organize them yourself…

i’d go with slashes if it isnt a problem. everybody would easily grasp the concept because of familiarity with the file system navigation - plus on most keyboards you don’t need a modifier…

  • maybe an initial slash “/” for displaying all possible tabs
    / = Overview, then /tab/subset/
  • and /Sets/…/ for showing every element of a ribbon tab, regardless the subcategories
    /…/ =similar to: search all subfolders

true… the ribbon is everywhere on windows…, people are used to it.
but some simple navigation tool tips on the empty startup pane would take a lot of new users by the hand for “command line navigation”. like: “navigate the ribbon tabs by pressing /” and “hover over the components for info” …

//something completely different: is it possible to have grasshopper act as separate window (showing up in the taskbar), so you can go back and forth between rhino and gh with familiar win shortcuts?

Great work on the new GH! When you get to it, this would be a useful feature to have. Right now my various component lists are organized by publisher, not by how I use them. Well, when you get to it. BTW, with this new tool (GH 1.0) the fun is just starting.

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Finally ponied up for Rhino 6 and loving it. Thank you. Just want to put my shout in here for some form of grasshopper ribbon customization, in whatever form. It was imperfect in R5 but I found it very useful.